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What We Do


Menkom now have a solid prominence in the IT industry having grown year to year since 2003. Menkom was founded by Mitch and Mil, currently the two directors and co-ceo’s of Menkom. Having initially started the business as a recordable media distributor for a period of 1-2 years and originally known as Menkom Media.

Both having a solid background and roots in IT support they soon realised that doing what they know best was the best option. In a turn of fate Menkom flourished and came back from the dead and planted their feet in pushing IT support services to the local community.

In 2008 Menkom introduced Web design & Development to the business model, primarily due to the fact that Menkom were getting asked repeatedly by existing clients if they did websites for small businesses. Since then providing web services has been a large contributing factor to the ongoing success of Menkom. Currently Mitch & Mil are constantly looking for better ways to service their clients by providing forefront, stable, scalable, cost effective and profitable solutions.